Using proper and appropriate equipment

Using the proper equipment to deal with a tree like this makes the job a lot more easier than you would think. Using the right lowering equipment means that we are able to lower bigger pieces of wood slowly and safely. Making sure that no damaged is cause to the customers property or surrounding area. While at the same time making sure all of our employees are safe.

Removing or Repairing Storm Damaged Trees

If a tree is causing an obstruction or is left dangerous after stormy weather, you may wish to take it down and make use of our tree removal service.
The result of storm damage to trees broadly falls into several categories:

Trees uprooted / blown over
Trunk broken / torn open
Roots broken / damaged
Crown of the tree twisted
Branches broken off or hanging
Lightening damage
Surgery or Felling

If a substantial portion of the tree remains and is in good condition, you may wish to consider tree surgery to remove damaged portions of the tree and prepare it to regrow. We are experienced in the careful handling of damaged but living wood and if it is possible to save a loved tree, then we will endeavour to do so.

However, if the tree is damaged beyond repair or you want to have it removed, we provide an efficient and tidy tree felling and removal service. We will be able to ascertain the best way to tackle the tree removal by the location of the tree and by its condition.

Tidy Removal of Wood

Using the correct safety equipment to undertake each job, we can cut your problematic tree down efficiently and without interuption to your home or premises. We also take pride in leaving your location as tidy and clean as possible.

Once the tree has been felled, you will most likely want it removed to leave your garden or grounds clear. We have the facility to remove and dispose of the tree on your behalf. Much of the tree material that we remove is recycled into wood chippings to be used on gardens or as wood for use as fuel.

If you want the resulting wood to use yourself, we can cut it into workable lengths to store as logs.

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